- Ancestors and Cousins
These pages trace the ancestry of my four grandparents.

As noted in the introduction, the number of ancestors of a person doubles with each generation and draws in many different surnames besides Leonard.  Many of my ancestors are shared with others of their descendants, particularly as we go back in time.  Consequently, these ancestral trees may be of value to other family researchers. 

In tracing these lines back, one eventually comes to a dead end with a person who might be termed the patriarch of that particular surname line.  Sometimes I trace “down the tree” from that patriarch or someone else in the line of descent to identify cousins of varying degrees to learn about living relatives.  When I started in genealogy, I didn’t know who some of my second cousins were, never mind third, fourth, and fifth cousins.  My family was not “into” genealogy nor even “family,” so there have been quite a few surprises in discovering people I’m related to.

Ancestor Lines:
Ancestors of Walter Bradford Leonard II, 1888-1956 - 16 generations, to the early 1600's, all New England
Ancestors of Edith Ann Regester, 1890-1954 - 12 generations,
ancestors were almost all from Yorkshire (Sheffield), England
Ancestors of Arthur Robert Kells, 1888-1947 - 13 generations,
ancestors were mostly from western Massachusetts and Eastern NY
Ancestors of Amy Alfrida Johnson, 1888-1958 - 12 generations,
ancestors were from Älvsborg län (Västergotland), Sweden

Some Cousin Descendents

Descendants of John Munro, aft. 1632 in Assynt, Sutherland County, Scotland; through 10 generations
Descendants of John Ribchester of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England ; through 9 generations
Descendants of John or Jonathan Oldale, b. abt. 1714, Harthill Church, Yorkshire, England; through 8 generations
Descendents of OlausCaroli , 1601; through 10 generations
Descendents of HendryKKells , 1715, of Columbia County, NY; through 8 generations

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