Descendants of George Leonard 1748-1827 and Rebecca Pond of Vermont

George Leonard, born 1748, is thought to be the son of Elijah Leonard of Taunton, but the most likely Elijah Leonard doesn’t have a recorded marriage  until 1756 and no children born before that date.  So the parentage of George is as yet undocumented. It seems likely that he is a descendant of James Leonard, but none of his direct male descendants have yet to be found and have their y-dna tested.
It’s been alleged that he was also related to Elijah Leonard ca.1753-1822 branch (Elijah was possibly the brother of George) and the Job Strong Leonard ca.1740-1821 Leonard branch, both possibly branches of the James Leonard line.  The most likely suspect to be the father of George and Elijah is Elijah Leonard 1719-1808 and an unknown first wife.
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